Keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape is getting harder and harder. As the internet becomes more complicated, outdated software and technologies are under strain. This is why any company aiming to engage its audience and surpass its rivals should concentrate on modernising its outdated website. We are aware that the purpose of your website is to attract more clients and expand your business. Blue Lane Marketing provides the following website upgrade services as a result.

Upgrade Your Website For SEO

As more people strive for the top result in the search engine, search engine optimisation, or SEO, is growing in popularity. 33% of all organic traffic for that search query will go to websites that are in the top organic rank on Google. This is why you should think about updating your website for SEO. The competence of our group lies in this. We have assisted both small and large companies, ranging from international law firms to not-for-profit organisations, with updating their websites and implementing SEO to support business growth.

Upgrade Your Website For UX

The most important consideration when deciding whether or not to enhance your website is user experience, or UX. Your website needs an overhaul immediately if it has an outdated design and features that are not intended to enhance the user experience. 46% of website visitors build their trust in a firm on their interaction with the website. If you offer potential clients a dull website and they have a negative experience, they might never return to your company. Irrelevant material and a dearth of calls to action are two of the most frequent UX errors on websites. Our team focuses on developing websites that are current with the most recent statistics regarding user experience and We draw on our years of expertise to create a website that is appealing and will keep visitors coming back for more.Traditional push marketing methods, on the other hand, are ineffective when compared to internet strategies. especially if your start-up is modest. Instead, these companies and business owners favour content marketing for new enterprises. Good content marketing identifies the most receptive audience.

Upgrade of Ecommerce Website

Over the past five years, there has been a considerable rise in competition in the eCommerce sector. Your digital marketing plan should prioritise developing a well-thought-out website that complements the goods you are attempting to sell. Numerous small and medium-sized eCommerce companies have benefited from Blue Lane Marketing's assistance in improving their websites. In addition to having a high-resolution photograph and a thorough description of the goods you are offering, our staff advises that your website load swiftly. Many out-of-date websites wonder why they can't sell their goods, and it's possible that it's because they haven't taken these essential factors into account.

Speed up the website

7% of your potential clients leave your website every second it takes to load. Not to mention, speed is a ranking factor, according to Google. Users will get impatient and leave your website if it is excessively slow and unresponsive when they interact with its features. We assist businesses in accelerating their websites. In fact, ensuring that they reduce their website load times is the first thing on our checklist for the majority of the businesses we work with for SEO and PPC. If a website takes too long to load, no matter how great it is, no one will stay to view its splendour.